A Professional Approach to OSHC


OSHC SQUAD is proud to be providing the best possible care programs for school aged children. We are achieving this by giving our staff full training and development with the help of Australia's leading minds in Children's Services.


Program and Activities

The children will be involved in the decision making of what they would like to do whilst attending OSHC Squad, this will be lead by our qualified and experienced staff. The program will include a large variety of activities meeting the children’s developmental needs as well as their interests. For example;

Cooking groups , Art and Craft Activities, construction, books and literacy, wood work, science and nature, technology, group sports games, project work, homework help. And much more. Activities will be rotated through the days of the week so no one misses out on their favourites!

Staff understand that the children have been at school all day and will help them enjoy their after school time.


My Time, Our Place National Framework

My Time our Place, is a framework for school age care in Australia. It was produced by the Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations for the Council of Australian Governments. The framework aims to extend and enrich children's wellbeing and development in school age care settings and aknowledges that children need a place to engage in a range of play and leisure experiences. All our programming and planning incorporates the My Time, Our Place framework here at OSHC Squad. Please see PDF downlod below for further details.






Staff and Safety

OSHC SQUAD staff are trained with, police checked and have first aid, anaphylaxis, asthma qualified staff are there to provide your children with a safe, happy and caring place to be.


As well as our structured activities there is plenty of time to have fun and play with access to loads of equipment....Sports, Arts and Crafts, Drama, Science, Toys, Games, Dress Ups....the list goes on.

This is to ensure all the children are happy and doing positive activities whilst at OSHC Squad.


Fresh Healthy food for Breakfast and Afternoon Tea

OSHC SQUAD provids a healthy breakfast and afternoon tea everyday . Healthy, fresh and nutritious and no NUTS! There is always a selection including items such as:

  • Fresh Fruit

  • Cereals

  • Toast

  • Dip

  • Yoghurt

  • Sandwiches

We also cater for varying dietary requirements as required.


Fee Structure


Before or After School Care Single session    


$26.50 permanent                 

$29.50 Casual

Discount is applied when both before and after school sessions are used on the same day $21.25 per session permanent.


Commonwealth Child Care Subsidy (CCS) can be applied to this fee,  fee’s are reduced by a percentage  depending on your income and activity test registered with Centrelink.  For more information please speak to staff. (Fee’s subject to change)


Example fee with full CCS hours and subsidy: 

Fee $26.50 85% CCS reduces by $21.40  GAP out of pocket $5.10 approx per session instead of the full fee of $26.50 for a single session.



Vacation care with full subsidy $11.26 per day  ($58.50 before subsidy)



Located in the St Johns Primary School Hall, enter via Salmon St

172 Station St,

Koo Wee Rup

Ph 0428768674