About Us 

OSHC SQUAD is a family owned business dedicated to high the quality care of children. Our Staff are fully qualified and experienced in taking care of children. We have over 20 years experience of caring and providing fun and educational programs for children.

We have been working with school aged children within our centre based before school, after school and vacation care programs for many years. Over this time we have prided ourselves on making the program a fun one so that your children enjoy being with us, which means happy kids for you! We are very excited to be offering this program in a school environment.


Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. What’s the difference between a permanent or casual booking?

A. If you book permanently your spot is guaranteed to be there, however if your child is away on a permanently booked day you still pay for it. For a casual day you need to book every time and do not have a guarantee there will be an available spot on a day, it costs slightly more per session.

Q. What will they do, is it just free play for the time they are there?

A. The program will be run by a Qualified staff member who will plan for the children’s needs and interests in an age appropriate manner. Children will be encouraged to participate in a range of activities.

Q. Can my children access the program even if I don’t work?

A. Yes, It is designed as a fun, inclusive program for the children in the community of Koo Wee Rup and surrounds to enjoy.